DIY // T-Shirt Yarn

DIY // T-Shirt Yarn
Christmas is just a few days away and I think everyone can relate to that last minute feeling of panic when you realize that you still have gifts to wrap! Well, this simple DIY will ease your gift wrapping worries! All you need is an old t-shirt and some scissors to turn your Christmas gifts into something extra special this year! T-shirt yarn can be used for many other crafts as well! After you wrap your gifts in this super soft yarn, try your hand at knitting a scarf or even weaving a basket or rug! 
+ T-Shirt
+ Scissors
Cut your t-shirt horizontally from sleeve to sleeve. You only need the bottom half of the t-shirt for this project! 
Cut the hem off the bottom of your t-shirt. 
Fold your t-shirt in half (side to side) leaving a 1 inch allowance. 
Begin cutting into 1/2 inch strips. The width of your strips will determine the thickness of your yarn.  Remember not to cut the 1 inch allowance!
Unfold your t-shirt so it looks like this!
Unfold your 1 inch allowance. Begin cutting from strip 1 to strip 2, then strip 2 to strip 3 and so on in order to create a continuous piece! 
You should have one long continuos strip. Now pull on the material to give it a skinny, yarn-like appearance. 
We rolled our t-shirt yarn into a ball! You can do this for easy storing or for other crafts. Plus, we think it looks really cute!

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