Jeanie // #iwearwalkinlove

Name: Jeanie Murray 
Age: 19 
What's your School/Occupation? Penn State University 

What are your Hobbies/Interests? I love to hang out with friends and family, babysit (kids are the best!!), read (especially the Bible... and Love Does by Bob Goff!), knit, play the piano, & drink too much coffee. 
What is an interesting fact about you? There are seven kids in my family! (it goes girl boy girl boy girl boy girl!)
What's your style? @jeaniemurray

What do you love about walk in love.? I love walk in love. because they are such an easy way to encourage those around you! the shirts are great conversation starters to tell others about God & His great love. also the clothes are super cute. My new favorite is the "Oh Death Where Is Your Sting?" shirt. I love that verse (1 Cor 15:55) and my favorite song is Kari Jobe's "Forever" and she sings " now death where is your sting? Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated!" what a great reminder that He is victorious!
What is your Instagram?  @jeaniemurray


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