Suspenders For Christ

You may have noticed that our recent style posts have featured plenty of female fans of walk in love.! Well, we want you to know that walk in love. is a brand for guys as well! That's why we were so excited to have Shane model for us and be featured in one of our #iwearwalkinlove posts! Often times, when I ask guys to bring clothes to a photoshoot, they show up with nothing more than the jeans they are wearing. But that was not the case with Shane! He had so many cool, unique clothing items that I had a hard time choosing what to style with! When he showed me the suspenders he brought along to the shoot I knew we had to use them! I didn't really understand how suspenders work. Are they only for weddings and fancy stuff? Where do they attach? Do they really hold your pants up or are they just for looks? So many unanswered questions. But when Shane put them on over his 70 X 7 t-shirt I was pleasantly surprised at how great his outfit was! Who knew suspenders and a t-shirt could look so fantastic. 

Shane is wearing our 70 X 7 Gray T-Shirt // Styled by Kelsey Courtney // Photos by Kristen Hornberger 

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