Just an Awesome Story!

Every now and then we receive a message that totally blows us away!  We just received one of those and it pumped us up! -T.J.

"Hello friends!
Just thought I would share with you the story of my favorite shirt. I bought this back in 2010. Later that year, God called me to be missionary with YWAM and I moved to Australia. For the past 4 years, I have been working in Papua New Guinea, remote Aboriginal communities in Australia, led an outreach to the 2012 London Olympics and travelled to 7 other countries doing my best to sever God. And this shirt has been with me the whole time and is a pretty good conversation starter with people I meet. It's pretty easy to turn a question about the shirt into a conversation about God! It's really faded, had lots of holes and always smells a bit, but I love it!! Thank you guys for doing what you do and keep making shirts!!

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