Boycott all Noah Stories Ever!

Recently I read a few artistic interpretations of the story of Noah and I want everyone to BOYCOTT them!  As you can see from the covers above there are a lot of errors that don't match up with the Biblical story.

For example:

1. The arks are far too small to fit all the animals.

2. It would have been very hard for the animals to survive a flood hanging over the edge like that.

3. Noah looks different in every book so they all can't be correct.

4. There are words in each book that don't appear in the original Bible story.

 Those are just some of the many interpretations that the artists took and I can't stand for it.  So, I want all of you to get on my side and back my boycott.  I don't want you to read any of the books or think for yourself.  I just want you to believe me. I want you to start arguing with people about how right you are for boycotting these books and how wrong they are if they plan to read them.

Does this sound familiar?  Have you already made a decision to not see the new Noah film based off something someone said or read?  Are you already trying to tell your friends and family not to see it based off that same article?  Are you already starting to argue with people who want to see it because of those articles?

I have not seen the movie, but I am excited to! I am sure there will be parts of the movie that I don't like because there are parts of every movie that I don't like.  I am sure there will be interpretations that are a bit odd to me, but it's a movie and movies are told a certain way so there are always artistic interpretations being made.  Stories are constantly being told in a way to fit the medium, like the children's books above.  Artistic interpretations are always being made in everything that is created.  They are told in a way that the medium requires, so why are you deciding to boycott this major motion picture and not every single retold story of the Bible?

The story of Noah in the Bible has a total of 2,351 words and only 557 of those are actual dialogue.  I am pretty sure that if a film maker was to make a movie based only on the exact words in the Bible it would be a pretty boring movie that no one would see.

Instead, Hollywood is making a multi million dollar version of the story that millions of people will see.  Millions with an "M"!  Noah will be screened all over the globe in hundreds of countries and many different languages.  

The story of God rescuing a faithful servant from destruction will be told to millions.  The story of God asking someone to believe in Him will be told to millions!  Isn't that what we are always trying to tell people in our churches every week?  To believe in God, trust God, and look to God?  Now we have a movie that is conveying those same ideas and you are going to boycott it without even seeing it?

Are Christians the dumbest group of people on planet earth?  Shouldn't we be celebrating and inviting friends to see this story in hopes that it leads to questions, conversations and maybe the cracking open of the Bible?

Shouldn't we be selling out every showing of Noah to tell Hollywood and pop culture that we care about God's stories?

One of my old bosses and pastor Craig Gross, whose son is in the film, recently wrote an article about the movie for FOX NEWS where he says, 

 "As a pastor and a Christian, I find this [Biblical movies being made] to be truly amazing. If there are things that don’t line up in these movies with your opinions on what happened, then you have a great chance to follow up at dinner with your family or friends or small groups and talk about it. Talk about what you agreed with and what you didn’t. Remember, you have access to the book.

And then bring it back to Jesus. As Christians, that’s supposed to be the point, isn’t it?"

A phrase that we use a lot in the office is, "End with Jesus."  We talk about how we can use T-shirts and Instagrams to point people toward Christ in hopes that at some point they will end with Jesus.  If they start with a T-shirt that is great, but we want them to end with Jesus.  Movies are another great place people can start.  People can start by seeing the Noah film but have a chance to open the Bible, dig deeper and end with Jesus.  Let's stop arguing over the little details and getting frustrated at an artistic interpretation and just get excited that someone is telling a story about the greatness of God. - T.J.

 *Please don't boycott the children's books above.  I was joking in hopes that I could make a point.*

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