How to Make A Wallpaper with VRSLY

VRSLY has been out for less than a week and we're overwhelmed by the response we've already gotten! If you've purchased it, thank you for your support!

We've gotten a lot feedback on people wondering if the app will ever be updated to allow our users to make wallpapers out of their VRSLYs. 

Good news! You can make a wallpaper just as the app is! Read our step-by-step tutorial after the images!

How To Make A Wallpaper With VRSLY:

1. Open VRSLY and select "Use Overlay" or "Create Your Own," depending on which design you want to use.
2. Create your VRSLY, but make it a LOT smaller than you would normally make one. This will allow you to use the image for a background, as iOS 7 enlarges images when using them for a wallpaper.
3. Save your VRSLY to your Camera Roll.
4. Open your Camera Roll and open your saved VRSLY.
5. Tap the Export button in the bottom left corner and select "Use as Wallpaper."
6. Adjust the image to place the artwork in the position you'd like. (NOTE: Your VRSLY might still be too big at this point. If that's the case, go back into the app and make the design even smaller!)
7. Tap "Set," and set your wallpaper to the lock screen, home screen or both!
8. Voila! You've got some beautiful inspiration for every time you use your phone!

We love seeing what others have created while using VRSLY. Make sure you use the hashtag #madewithvrsly on both Instagram and Twitter! We feature our favorites on Instagram!

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