Music Suggestions - 3/25

There has been an influx of dance-style worship music lately.  So we decided to use this weeks recommendations to highlight some of our favorite dance style worship music!  My favorite thing about this style of music is that I truly believe there will be times where heaven is a huge dance party while we all shout and sing to our great God! - T.J.


1. Hillsong Young & Free

Hillsong Young & Free is another amazing creation from the Hillsong United Church!  It seems like everyone at that church just sweats creativity. Not only do they constantly release amazing worship albums but they always package it with incredible art and videos!  I don't even hesitate when any version of a Hillsong United album comes out.  I just buy it!  When I first heard Hillsong Young & Free it pumped me up! The album is live, which I am usually not a fan of, but they pull it off really well!  The album is an energetic, enthusiastic expression of the happiness and joy that God brings!  My favorite track on the album is Alive.  Hillsong Young & Free will be at Creation Festival this year and I am probably looking forward to seeing them the most out of any of the bands!  There first album is called We are Young & Free (Live) and is available now available and they also just released a single called "The Stand", also out now!


2. Rend Collective - The Art of Celebration

The new Rend Collective album starts off with, "We are choosing celebration..." and it only gets better from there!  I love the idea of of choosing celebration.  I think we often have this idea that joy and celebrating is something that we should just feel!  Joy is a choice and we as Christians should be choosing it daily!  I love how this album expresses the joy and celebration that comes with knowing Jesus!  The Rend Collective just makes good and happy music that make your feet tap and smile curl!  I love every song on this album but my favorite is "Burn Like a Star."  The Art of Celebration is now available and you should probably stop reading this and just go buy it!


3. Jesus Culture - Reconstructed, Vol. 1

Jesus Culture is another band that consistently releases great worship albums!  There latest in that long line of solid albums is "Reconstructed, Vol. 1" which is a collection of songs remixed!  The songs are a bit slower than most remixed songs but still carry a head bopping beat through them.  The consistent trait of all Jesus Culture albums are there strong vocals and powerful lyrics.  They've always been a band that you can feel believe with every ounce in them that God is real and He is love!  My favorite song on this album is "I Belong to You."  The album is out now and would definitely mix up the normal flow of your worship playlists!


4. Hillsong United - The White Album (Remix Project)

As I said above I don't hesitate when it comes to purchasing any of the Hillsong United albums and The White Album was no different!  It's a remix project combining their powerful worship classics with new beats, loops and sounds.  I love it!  It's hard to pick a favorite because they are remixed versions of songs that I already love so much!  If I had to pick one I would pick "Relentless (Young & Free Remix).  Everything Hillsong does is so inspiring and if you don't have any of their albums you need to change that!  Buy any one of them and you will not be disappointed, but buy this one if you love remixes and awesome beats!


We'd love to hear from you about what you are listening to or your favorite tracks from the albums we mentioned above!  Comment on the blog and let us know! Thanks - T.J.

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