Galentine's Day!

Galentine's Day!

I don't know about you, but ever since I saw Leslie Knope throw a "Galentine's Day Party" for all of her gal-pals in Season 2 of Parks and Rec, I've always wanted to do the same! So, I threw together a few ideas for you to throw your own Galentine's Day party! Send out an invite to your closest gal-pals, set the table with anything that sparkles, and enjoy an afternoon of conversation and laughter with the ladies you love. What a fun way to show the ladies in your life that you love them too for Valentine's, I mean, Galentine's Day!


Ideas for your Galentine's Day Party!

1. Make your own XOXO tablecloth. See instructions HERE.

2. Set the table with hearts on each plate for the ladies to take home with them!

3. Make your own DIY Gem Drink Stirrers - just glue gems back to back on a drink stick!

4. Cut large X's and O's out of colored and/or glittered cardstock.

5. Use cheap craft store pom-poms as your "table runner".

6. Set the table with thrifted/vintage plates, flatware and drinking glasses.

7. Just have fun and make it your own!


* Big thanks to Ashley Meaders for making that baller backdrop, and our former team member Gina Witmeyer for making that amazing cake!! *

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