T-Shirt Sermons // I Will Go Where You Lead Me

Sometimes God makes pretty crazy requests of his followers and we always have a choice to make.  Today I am wearing a baseball tee from the @walkinlove and@allsanddmusic collaboration with the line “I will go where you lead me.” When I was three years old God lead my parents to move from California to Germany, with four kids under the age of seven, to be missionaries.  We lived in Germany for two years.  After watching my nieces and nephew for only four hours last night, I can’t imagine what it would be like to move across the world with four kids under the age of seven.  My parents were being lead by God and they listened.  While living in Germany my dad was able to tell people the good news of Jesus all because he listened to God.  He said “yes” to “I will go where you lead me.” Where is God leading you?  Are you listening?  Are you going to say yes or no?  It’s your choice. - T.J.

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