Carpe Diem Mug Set

So, remember how we said we couldn't stop using our All Sons & Daughters mugs around Christmas time? Well, the same thing has happened again, but this time with our Carpe Diem + All Day Every Day mugs. They are quite possibly the best way ever to start your day. They'll make your breakfast a little more inspiring and if you drink Nutella Coffee from them...... you'll never go back. 

Nutella Coffee - Brew a cup of your favorite coffee (we love our Starbucks Mocha or Blonde). Stir in a large spoonful of Nutella. It's the perfect sweetener. It will make your coffee darker in color than you might be used to, but not to fear! Still delicious. Some of it will even rise to the top and make your coffee swirls look super pretty.

In fact! The Carpe Diem mug set is on SALE RIGHT NOW!!! GO!!!!!

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