Why 5am.

Walk in love. will be opening at 5am on November29th, Black Friday.  The mall we are located in has a lot of stores opening at midnight, and some are even opening on 8pm Thanksgiving evening.  I think that is so ridiculous and horrible.

Black Friday is a big deal for me. A big deal for walk in love. It's a day where we have huge sales and make a lot of money in a 24 hour period.  It's a day that we start talking and thinking about in August and September.  Back in September I hung a sign over my computer, next to my lists and lists of items that needed to be completed before Black Friday, which read "Don't go crazy. You have time." It was very helpful to have that reminder when the lists never seemed to get any smaller. And our team would often scream all at once "Don't go crazy! You have time!!!" to reassure ourselves we'd all make it through. Well, first thing this past Monday morning I ripped that sign down and said, "I don't have time, Black Friday is this week!!"  It's something that my team and I have had in our site for a long time. In fact, as soon as I make this post LIVE, I'm heading into the store with Brooke to meet a few other team members and put finishing touches on the store.

I am not an angry mom or random person complaining about opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving.  I am on the other side of that.  I understand how important the day is and the potential for growth that the day brings... but I also understand something else.

I understand that the team I hired matters.  They matter enough to have time to spend with their families.  They matter enough to be able to take an entire day relaxing, eating and watching football with nothing to worry about.  They matter more than the profit I could make from 8pm to midnight, or midnight to 5am.  They matter because they are people. And all people matter.

For those of you out there who have to leave your Thanksgiving parties early to go to one of the "8pm openers", I am so sorry. I am sorry that your companies are taking that time with your families away from you.  I am sorry that you have to leave your loved ones early and be greeted instead by a mob of hostile shoppers.  I am sorry that the trend is opening earlier and earlier.  I am sorry that whoever makes the decision for your work place is thinking about their bottom line and dollar signs, instead of families and the importance of them. 

I choose to open our store at 5am because I believe that the people who work so hard to make walk in love. a reality matter. They deserve a day to rest, relax and enjoy the ones they love.  I believe that no matter how big your company is and no matter how many millions of dollars you make that your team should matter.  I hope that walk in love. continues to grow and we can add more and more people to our team.  And I know that no matter how many members are on our team, come Thanksgiving, none of them will be working.

I know that I am not alone in this and other companies, both small and large, are also choosing to stay closed on Thanksgiving.  Show those companies you notice and shop with them this Friday. Happy Thanksgiving! - T.J.

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