Seeking Approval - VRSLY Devotional - 03.30.17

Seeking Approval - VRSLY Devotional - 03.30.17

As a Christian creative, I always have to be reminded of who my audience is when I'm working. Is it to be insta-famous? Is it to get a ton of ego-boosting comments? Is it to make lots of money? Or is it about glorifying God?

I've found that chasing for people's approval, compliments, and cash will never be truly fulfilling. It's an endless downward spiral of being unsatisfied and not being enough. There is always going to be someone better than you out there, and seeing them getting more double taps can lead us to drown in feeling insufficient. 

But when one's audience is God, not others, it no longer becomes about being the best. It becomes about pointing others to the One who is already perfect. About the unshakable and permanent joy, grace, and freedom that is found in Christ - unlike anything this world has to offer.

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