Give Your Houseplants A Shower!


We are on day three of being snowed in. DAY THREE, PEOPLE! T.J. is starting to feel crazy and talking endlessly about how much he loves potato chips, and I've run out of things to bake into cookies or smash into a casserole dish and throw in the oven. So, yeah. That's where we're at.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Having a little extra time on my hands today, I gave my house plants their biannual shower. I find over the fall/winter months, my houseplants get very dusty and a shower is just what they need to be looking happy and healthy again. I tried to get a good photo to show you the dust, but it was hard to capture with my iPhone.

In the summer I try to move most of my plants outdoors! They love the light, heat, my shaded front porch and even more so, the rain!! Which is why the second is starts to thunderstorm in the summer I start running around like crazy shoving all of my plants out onto the front walkway, because FREE WATER. But when thunderstorms aren't an option, a quick rinse the shower will do the trick!

Make sure you really let everything dry out in the tub before you put your plants back, or you'll drip gross plant water all over your Ikea rug and then spend the rest of the day Googling "how to get stains out of wool rugs." I mean, or so I’ve heard, from a friend. 😂


Happy plant showering!